The dates for the Wave Camp have been set, Monday 1 August to Tuesday 9 August 2016
The flat land thermal soaring season has virtually finished so what is the next challenge for the keen (frustrated) glider pilot.

Why ! The Wave Camp!

The last few years have been lean pickings for wave flights. Statistically this should mean our chances of excellent weather conditions are higher this year. I am confident that we will again have a group of GCWA members along to share the fun and we will welcome any Narrogin members who would like to participate.
We have newer members in the last couple of year who have progressed to a level where solo flying participation is possible. Pilots with less experience can always fly with an instructor.

This year the BSS committee will allow us to again take the DG 1000s to the Wave Camp. This dream glider will be available for checks, Ridge soaring and wave flights. There will be twin oxygen Mountain High EDS units available.
The club is currently planning on a single Astir being available for members with suitable experience. It is a great experience as far as the gliding is concerned and also socially. Albany is only a one hour drive from the Stirling Range Resort.
You can choose to use a single seat glider or do a mutual flight in the DG 1000S, if less experienced or feel more comfortable. Local soaring can also be great fun on some days. It is a very different flying experience from our flatland soaring. There is the smoothness of good wave, thrill of ridge soaring and the breathtaking scenery of the Stirling Range. The close company of Wedge Tailed Eagles adds to the experience.
Think of taking your better half along for a holiday and brownie points. They can go of sightseeing or to Albany to spend your ill-gotten wealth.

We always plan to have a social dinner at the Lilly Dutch windmill restaurant.

Please read the Stirling’s Wave Camp Manual (Request a copy from Ian Cook or Owen Jones)

Stirling Range Retreat Various levels or take your own caravan
The Lilly The Lilly now has their C47 accommodation for nostalgic members

Breathing Oxygen and Decanting Endorsement Course
As the wave camp is approaching, we will run another oxygen course. This course covers both physiology and practical use of Mountain High EDS systems. It is a club requirement that you have attended / passed the course prior to using the BSS Mountain High systems at the Wave Camp. The Course will be run by Ian and Harry on Tuesday 5 July at the DSR.

Wave Camp Lecture Night This night must be attended by all those participating whether a solo or mutual pilot.
Owen Jones will give a presentation which covers Orientation, the airfield, weather patterns, specific hazards, safe ridge flying, wave formation, outlandings and logistics. To be held at DSR on Tuesday 19 July.

Ian Cook is BSS Wave Camp Coordinator this year and he can be contacted on
Phone 9401 9461
Mob 0419 917 657
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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