Annual Inspectors Course
**NOTE: Dates have Changed and are subject to change**
The dates for the AI course will be;
  • Theory -   Saturday 11th June 2016 at the Meg Olive Room, RAAF Association Bull Creek. Starting time 8.30 am Finish time 5.00pm
  • Practical - 10:30am Sunday 10th July 2016 to 9:00 am Saturday 16th June 2016.  To be held at Narrogin Airfield.
  • Nominations must be forwarded to Alan Arthur (RTO/A) via club AAOs. Previous attendees will have priority; followed by those with a history of helping out on annual inspections on club gliders; and lastly private owners wishing to have a form 2 ticket to do their own glider.  Early nominations are more likely to receive an allocated position.
  • Each club will have three positions to fill and if one club does not fill their allocation the extra positions will be offered to reserve candidates
Please forward nominations as soon as possible so that I can confirm venue bookings.
Annual Inspectors Refresher Course
A revised issue of MOSP Part 3 is about to be issued; one of the many changes it the currency of Annual inspectors; as a catch up all Annual Inspectors must attend a refresher course within the next two years to remain current and after that every six years.
The WAGA Annual Inspector Refresher Course will be the theory lectures for the Annual Inspectors (Form 2) Course above on 11th June 2016.  Inspectors who have not attended a refresher course will be removed from the active list but may attend future AI Course Theory lectures as a refresher.  
Again, All nominations should be via the club AAO. 
AAOs please vet all nominations prior to forwarding them to me, here is your opportunity to edit your inspectors list.
There is no plan to run additional courses, however other states will be running courses.
Please forward nominations as soon as possible so that I can confirm venue bookings
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